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8 Best Reasons You Should Invest in Cyprus Citizenship

If you are an investor and you are looking to make a citizenship investment, citizenship by investment in cyprus might just be your best option.

There are a lot of benefits that come with investing in Cyprus citizenship. Here are the 8 reasons you should invest in Cyprus citizenship

1. It is a safe and stable country

With only a population of 5 million people, Cyprus has managed to protect its economy and stay at the top in business and overall country stability. The safety of your investments is guaranteed.

2. It is easy to apply

Getting Cyprus citizenship is the easiest. With the required documents, the process and steps are simple to follow.

3. Fast to obtain get Citizenship

Following the right steps and having the right requirements speeds up the process. It only takes a minimum of 6 months to acquire citizenship

4. you get Dual citizenship

Citizenship by investment in Cyprus allows you to keep your citizenship from your original country. This means you will have 2 citizenships. You will be a Cyprus citizen and still maintain your original country’s citizenship.

5. Combination Investments

Cyprus investment citizenship gives you the freedom to choose investment options. With Combination Investments, you have the opportunity to expand your business.

6. You can rent out your property in Cyprus

Being a registered Cypriot doesn’t mean you must live in Cyprus. If you choose not to live in Cyprus or you have more Properties, you can rent them out. This means that your business continues to expand.

7. No language tests

To get Cyprus citizenship you don’t need to learn any new language. There are no language requirements

8. travel more

Alongside citizenship, you also acquire a Cyprus passport which allows you to travel throughout the EU without a visa. This means permission to freely travel through the 150 European countries, visa-free.

June 26, 2020